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Please note: Steve Adyani is not part of the new Adwil. Please see about us for more info.

Steven and Dana take a Detour

Dana gets quoted

In the March/April 2000 issue of Angeleno, a Los Angeles based magazine, Dana Wilkey is quoted in of the "SO GLAMOROUS" write-up where various celebrities were asked where they were during the "turn-of-the-millennium". Click below for a detailed image of Dana's quote; click the enlarged quote to close the new window. (The magazine cover appears for the sake of recognition, it cannot be enlarged.)

'Cyber screenings' draw crowd

With the help of Adwil, WBITV finds an alternative route to international TV buyers.  Click on the story below to see an enlarged version of each page.



AdWil watches as PR goes crazy for Rentport's recent launch


AdWil Music Bursts Onto the Scene

Adwil proudly unveiled its latest addition to their ever-growing empire, AdWil Music. The new division of the web-savvy advertising/PR house will handle all Adwil music production, as well as represent an elite stable of composers, recording artists, and music supervisors, whose credits include Charmed, Copycat, Unforgettable, Encino Man, Microsoft, Lexus, Ford, Sears and Apple. Additionally AdWil Music will license music from their library web site for all forms of broadcast. Scott Kennedy will head the division.

Kennedy brings AdWil several years of experience in the industry.  He has worked with such composers as Christopher Young, Thomas Newman and Danny Elfman, and acted as Music Supervisor for Van Ness Films, a subsidiary of Fox Television. 

Steve and Dana Forced to Decline Yet Another Panel

Steven Adyani, CEO, and Dana Wilkey, President of Adwil Agency, recently turned down an invitation to speak on a panel regarding New Media in the Year 2000. Adyani and Wilkey have been so busy expanding their profitable advertising agency, that they were not able to find the time to make an appearance.

AdWil Announces

Never satisfied to sit back and enjoy success, the AdWil Agency is proving itself a true pioneer once again as it announces plans to create a 30 minute Flash-driven web program/show for an entertainer. AdWil has consistently been on the forefront of Internet design as proven with its creation of an exclusive all-access web site for a major entertainment corporation in 1999. The site featured cutting edge technology and their new Flash project promises nothing less.  


Profitable Year for AdWil

Contrary to the norm for first year internet-based companies, the Adwil Agency has posted profits in the last quarter of 1999, as well as an overall net profit for the entire year. In addition AdWil also holds equity in two of its clients’ companies, and, both set to go online shortly. In addition to contributing assets to AdWil’s portfolio, this occurrence attests to the close-knit relations created between client and provider in the unique creative environment here.


AdWil Music in POV Magazine

Dana and Adwil speak to the Producers Guild!

Rentport in Time Magazine

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